Hip hop can be a very powerful weapon to help expand young people’s political and social consciousness. But just as with any weapon, if you don’t know how to use it, if you don’t know where to point it, or what you’re using it for, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot or killing your sisters or brothers.

— Assata Shakur (via specialnights)

Love is contraband in Hell,
cause love is an acid
that eats away bars.

— Assata Shakur (via uandmeandevery1weknow)


Legit how I found out who Assata Shakur was. 

… She discovered freedom is an unspoken sound and a wall is a wall and can be broken down…

— Common: A Song for Assata  (via shimbiryahow)


Beautiful Quotes


Beautiful Quotes


Stay content.
Stay satisfied.
Stay motivated.
Stay determined.
Stay joyful.
Stay passionate.
Stay purposeful.
Stay in tune with yourself.
Stay with truth.
Stay near love.
Stay thankful.
Stay forward-looking.
Stay selfless.
Stay whole.
Stay you.
Stay educated.
Stay enriched with history.
Stay peaceful.
Stay balanced.
Stay humble.
Stay one with nature.
Stay full of life.
Stay connected.
Stay woke.

Inspiration: Hook from “Stay” on Nas album Life is Good

Some people say love is an imaginary state of mind
Exploring the realm of desire and dreams
Living the fantasies of what could be
Drowning in a surrealism of unselfish acts
Prideful, egotistical,
Love has me glowing
Love has me feeling special
Love has me.
Some people will never understand.
It’s everything above and more.

Love is freeing of expectations.
Love is selfless obligations.
Love is calming spirits.
Love is watchful thinking.
Love is timeless moments.
Love is melodies, rhythm, beats, and motion.
Love is commotion.
Love is silence.
Love is unspoken, glances, screams, and smiles.

Shame on those that fall victim to believing that
Love is everything it’s not.
That love tangles, twist, and turns you into
Someone you’re not.
Blaming all your hurt,
Masking all your pain
Under love,
Creates lies.

Learn Something.
Learn what love really is…



I woke up this morning,

I could feel your knees slighting touching my back,

Your presence in the bed heavy and warm.

The time was 4 am.

I slept light enough to feel your heartbeat.

Within minutes I reflect on our time

The shortcomings we see as starting points for change,

Our debates that often allow us to express opinions

No one else would listen to.

Habits, routines, and schedules we affix ourselves to,

In order to make life seem simple,

And love seem less complex.

Dinner ready, clothes washed,

Homework done, incense lit.

The tone of our days are set with our smiles.

And yet even within it all

I can’t fall back asleep.

Every morning I wake,

Hoping that something was posted on Twitter

About how to love better.

A link on Facebook,

About how to give more.

Or just a note next to my phone,

Saying I love you.

But none exist.

Peace only comes

When I turn and look at you.

I owe truth that much.

Armed. Silencer in hand. Ready to explode all the thoughts I have been holding inside for far too long. BOOM! Ready to kill negative limits,doubt, and tell you the fucking truth. I owe truth that much! BOOM! Screams echo the corners of my mind, as cells die. Words decay. Individuals fall,ducking from the truth. A drive by shooting. Spraying venomous words that burn like acid against the skin, hitting denial and ignorance. Everyone’s dying. I’m armed. I’ve been silent for too long. It’s time to spray.

Images collide with blood splatter across the floor. Truth shoots right out of me. Spiraling, covering 750 feet per second. Before blinks,my truth hits their spirits. Before smiles, my truth hits their heart. Before death, my truth touches their minds. I’ve been silenced and gave life to the voices inside. The should’a, could’a is now.

I owe truth that much.


Some part of happiness includes being content. 

Being comfortable with the present enough to be happy with it. 

Being okay with today, knowing tomorrow is coming soon 

enough as an opportunity to improve,

try again, and work hard on obtaining what your heart desires.

I think the word content scares you. 

It makes you feel like you are settling. 

As if it says, 

you must stop wishing for better, 

knowing you can have better,

 and desiring better to be now. 

Content is not complacent. 

Contentment allows room for patience.

 Patience allows room for growth. 

Growth allows room for evolution. 

Evolution allows room for love. 

Love allows room for true happiness. 


Wassily Kandinsky


Title: Jealous HeartArtist: 0rpheus


Title: Jealous Heart
Artist: 0rpheus